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Piano Course Outline Level 2A and modules below.

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Course Outline

Level 2A Beginning Piano

What you will learn:

Level 2A takes all the concepts in Level 1 and applies those concepts in hands together mastery.  

Level 2A introduces intervals such as seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths 

Level 2A introduces the lower left hand notes on the piano from G2 -E below middle C.  

It gives the student a lot of opportunity to apply this material to master the notes in the left hand which tends to be where most people struggle. 

We will keep going over and  incorporating Masterclass technique used by Master Pianist and Composer Franz Lizst to develop a professional sound so you can sound amazing!

The Five Finger major and minor Scales Starting on the white keys to develop strong technique!

Beginning Chords C, F, G and many more so  you can play hundreds and hundreds of song accompaniments.

Lots of Rhythm Taps to help you master counting correctly. 

In this course you will learn masterclass technique skills that are rarely taught by most piano teachers, keyboard geography, how to count correctly and read the notes around middle C.

This course will not only introduce these concepts but give you plenty of material to APPLY what you learn.

Once completed, you will be ready to start Level 2B

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