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Piano Course Outline Level 1A and modules below.

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Course Outline

Level 1A Beginning Piano

What you will learn:

Masterclass technique used by Master Pianist and Composer Franz Lizst to develop a professional sound so you can sound amazing!

The Five Finger major and minor Scales Starting on the white keys to develop strong technique!

Beginning Chords C, F, G and many more so  you can play hundreds and hundreds of song accompaniments.

How to play in different keys of music so you can choose the key that matches your voice.

Learn the keyboard names and locations without looking at your hands.

How to Count Correctly with successive numbers

The Treble Cleff notes around middle C, D, E, F, and G, and the Bass Cleff F,G, A, and B around middle C.

Easy Note reading skills (notes intoduced gradually so there is no overwhelm).

Flats, Sharps, and Naturals

Cross Overs, Tuck Unders; Staccato; Fingering, Accent Marks

In this course you will learn masterclass technique skills that are rarely taught by most piano teachers, keyboard geography, how to count correctly and read the notes around middle C.

This course will not only introduce these concepts but give you plenty of material to APPLY what you learn.

Once completed, you will be ready to start Level 1B

Module 1 - Technique

Drop Noodle Technique, Sitting at the piano correctly, how to build a major chord, Chords C, F, and G, Song Amazing Grace

Module 2- Counting

Rhythm Taps – Counting Quarter, Two Eighth, half, dotted half and whole notes with several songs of application and teacher accompaniments.

Module 3 - Keyboard Geography Part 1

Learning the key locations of C, D, E and practicing with songs and teacher accompaniments.

Module 4 - Keyboard Geography Part 2

Learning the key locations of F G A B and practicing with songs and teacher accompaniments.

Module 5

Learning To Read Notes Off The Grand Staff, Right and Left Hand Middle C and Right Hand D.

Module 6

Introducing Right Hand E Staff Note, Practicing with Quarter, Half and Dotted Half Notes.

Module 7

Introducing New Note E Flat, Time Signatures and Successive Counting

Module 9

Introducing Tie Holds and Pick-Up Measures, Counting 1+2+3+4+

Module 10

New Note C#, Practicing New Note F with Both Hands Music

Module 11

New Note Treble Staff G

Module 12

Using All 5 Fingers in the Right Hand, Pedal Work, Skips, Steps and Repeats

Module 13

Introducing Finger Numbers,

Two Eighth, Quarter Note Rhythm Review

Module 14

Learning New Note Low Staff B

Introducing 2/4 Time Signature

Review Sharps and Flats

Module 15

Learning New Note on the Bass Staff A

Learning the Five Finger Major Scales Starting on the Black Keys

Module 16

Reviewing All Notes Learned A, B, C, D, E, F, G and B Flat Using Both Hands

Module 17

Learning the stacatto touch technique, putting hands together.

5 Finger Major Scales

Scales, C, D, E, F, G, A, B and more…..

Build Your Technique By Learning These Essential Scales

Full Octave Major Scales

Prerequisite–Learn all Five Finger Major Scales, C, D, E, F, G, A, B and more…..

Build Your Technique By Learning These Essential Scales

Hymn Chording Sheets

Abide with Me!

For the Beauty of the Earth

Nearer My God to Thee

Songs Without Notes (Solfege--Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So)

Ode To Joy 

(Five Mini Lessons)

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