Notable Piano Lessons Pricing

“Mrs Lohnay Bishoff has been my piano teacher since I was 5. This piano method changed my piano learning experience! She helped prepare me to compete in the talent portion of the Miss California pageant. “

Elise Pearson

I have taken piano lessons from Lohnay Bishoff for a little over 8 years.  Her teaching methods, hands on experience, and book work is the perfect combination of education needed to become an amazing musician. The skills I have learned from Mrs. Bishoff have led me to great places such as accompanying for church, performing in school talent shows and community concerts.

Travis Dean

I am super excited to be taking piano lessons as an adult. When I started lessons with Lohnay Bishoff, I was struggling to read notes and was playing by finger numbers and hand positions.  She has taught me the tools to really read the notes! It’s also been fun to learn chording skills and how to transpose into different keys.

Traci George