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My Approach

I teach a curriculum that I have taught for over 15 years.  I have tried many others and this is by far the easiest and gradual approach that I have ever taught.  The curriculum I teach will start from the very beginning and does not have any learning gaps like so many other methods.  I also will be putting my own personal touch on the lessons in the form of challenge pieces, chording, scales, transposition, and ear training.

Although I have been classically trained in piano, I will also be teaching a variety of types of compositions.

Who Are These Lessons For?

I serve adult  beginning students.  However most of these lessons are  so simple that even an 11 year old could easily catch on. If you have taken lessons before and need a refresher course of the basics, then you are in the right place.  If you are brand new at the piano then these lessons are made for you.  If you have ever taken lessons and too much material was introduced without enough practical application, then these lessons are for you.

What Results Can You Expect?

In this course, we will be starting from the very beginning.

You will learn the game changing techniques that most piano teachers don’t teach or know about.

You will learn basic chording skills that will allow you to play hundreds of songs you can sing a long.

You will learn how to count and read notes off the staff for the first 7 letters around middle C.

You will learn to play some challenging songs that are above your note reading ability by listening and copying me.

You will learn transposition skills allowing you to play chords and melody in several keys.

How to produce a beautiful tone at the piano.

We will be starting from the beginning and you can expect to learn the techniques that will teach how to produce a beautiful tone at the piano.

How to count and read the first seven notes around middle C.

You will learn how to count and read notes off the staff for the first 7 letters around middle C.

Chording skills that will allow you to play hundreds of songs.

You will learn basic chording skills that will allow you to play hundreds of songs you can sing a long to. 

Transposition Skills

You will learn transposition skills allowing you to play chords and melody in several keys of music.

Play by Ear

You will learn basic ear training so you can start playing melodies with simple accompaniments by ear.

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About Me

I have taught piano lessons for 25 years in my local community of Blythe, CA and other areas I have lived in.

I have had the opportunity to be trained for the past 8 years by a master instructor in the line of Franz Lizst and Leschetizsky.

I have had the opportunity to  accompany college and church choirs, solists and performed in many concerts.

I enjoy the challenge of learning a new piece and seeing it come to fruition! 

When I have time I enjoy composing music.

My husband and I have officially become empty nesters recently after raising 5 beautiful children for the past 31 years.

Having our last baby leave home tore a little at my heart strings but having a little extra time has opened up some new opportunities.

I am excited to share the amazing things I have learned about playing the piano with  you so you can get started on the right foot and hopefully avoid the struggles I encountered for years!


"Mrs Lohnay Bishoff has been my piano teacher since I was 5. This piano method changed my piano learning experience! She helped prepare me to compete in the talent portion of the Miss California pageant. "

Elise Pearson

I have taken piano lessons from Lohnay Bishoff for a little over 8 years.   Her teaching methods, hands on experience, and book work is the perfect combination of education needed to become an amazing musician.   The skills I have learned from Mrs. Bishoff have led me to great places such as accompanying for church, performing in school talent shows and community concerts.

Travis Dean

I am super excited to be taking piano lessons as an adult. When I started lessons with Lohnay Bishoff, I was struggling to read notes and was playing by finger numbers and hand positions.  She has taught me the tools to really read the notes! It's also been fun to learn chording skills and how to transpose into different keys.

Traci George

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