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Module 12

Using All Five Right Hand Fingers–Pedal Work



Quick Tips Technique Reminders

Review all Five Finger Scales so they become second nature. Click here to go to Five Finger Major Scales. Review–Major Scale Pattern is Whole Step, Whole Step, Half Step, Whole Step (WWHW) Work on memorizing this pattern to help you memorize the scales.

Lesson 12.1

Indian Campfires

Right-Hand Music

Lesson 12.2

Indian Campfires

Practice with Metronome and/or Orchestrated Accompaniments  (Listen for the 8 beat count in.)

Indian Campfires

Orchstrated Accompaniment --8 Beat Count In

Lesson 12.3

Little Church Bells

Right-Hand Music/Pedal Practice

Lesson 12.4

Little Church Bells!

Practice with Metronome and/or Orchestrated Accompaniments  (Listen for the  6 beat count in.)

Little Church Bells

Orchestrated Accompaniment--6 Beat Count In

Lesson 12.5

Ring Those Bells–Right-Hand Music

Pedal practice

Lesson 12.6

Ring Those Bells!

Practice with Metronome and/or Orchestrated Accompaniments  (Listen for the  8 beat count in .)

Ring Those Bells!

With Teacher's Accompaniment--8 Beat Count In

Ring those Bells!

Orchestrated Accompaniment--8 Beat Count In

Lesson 12.7

Autumn Bells–Right-Hand Music

Tie Holds

Lesson 12.8

Autumn Bells!

Practice with Metronome and/or Orchestrated Accompaniments  (Listen for the  6 beat count in .)

Autumn Bells

Orchestrated Accompaniment--5 Beat Count In

Lohnay Bishoff

Instructor’s Learning Tips

In this module, you will be practicing reading all 5 Right Hand Notes in the Treble Staff (High Staff)

Keep your hand and fingertips rounded, loose and relaxed as you practice with strong fingertips.

Please no clenching  or tightness in your hand as this produces tension which will hold you back in so many areas when it comes to playing the piano.

You can play along with the orchestrated accompaniments for each song to play at the fast tempo.  If you can’t play with the fast accompaniments, don’t worry, as long as you can keep a steady even tempo at a slower speed progress is taking place!

There are some metronome speeds to practice with–this is all optional. I like to practice with the metronome and then turn it off and with consistent practice you will start hearing the tick in your head.

If you want to really master these skills, be able to keep up with the medium tempos.

Don’t wait too long to practice what you have already learned, so you can keep building upon your new skills.

I realize this is real life and that is the beauty of these videos. You can go back and review if you feel like you have forgotten some things.   

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