I have created an arrangement of the beautiful Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D piano tutorial.

You can get your free copy of this very beautiful sheet music of Canon in D by requesting it here.  Just type Canon in D Blog.

I created this arrangement so you don’t have to have tons of piano experience to learn it. It’s my belief that beginning piano students should be able to enjoy more advanced sounding music as they learn to read notes, count correctly, etc.

I have practiced and performed this early advanced Canon in D arrangement off and on for years but I really didn’t enjoy it that much as it was pretty tricky and I never thought it sounded that good. Also it was so long that I got bored of it. So I decided to create an arrangement that was enjoyable to play for intermediate players and beginning piano students.

There is a way to learn to read music but play music that is above your note reading level ability!

In this tutorial I have included a hack so that beginning piano players can enjoy this song. When you look at this sheet music, it might look a little hard, but if you take some basic beginning piano lessons, you will be able to easily figure it out with my piano tutorial of Pachelbel’s Canon in D you can view here.

Why is this piece so timeless and played at a lot of weddings and graduations? I believe it is the chord progression that is used. In has a lot of contrast and sounds beautiful to the ear. If you don’t know what a chord progression is, it is just a fancy way of saying the way the order of the chords are placed in a music composition.

I don’t remember the first time I heard Canon in D, but I know I fell in love with it instantly. Apparently a lot of other people have too, from the very young to very old.

I would consider Canon in D to be one of the most beloved classical pieces enjoyed by our modern world.  When I wrote this  arrangement of Canon in D, I kept in mind the  beginning piano student.  I wanted it to be easy to put the melody with the left hand but still sound beautiful.

Again don’t if you need help reading the sheet music, check out my video tutorial for Part I Canon in D on youtube here  and save it to view when you have time to really practice it. I have included the link here to get the free sheet music for Canon in D.  Make sure you watch the video to learn about the piano hack if you are a beginner.

If you don’t understand how chords work, that is something that I teach at notablepianolessons.com.

Not only do you learn how to read notes and count correctly but you learn how to supplement your music with chords. This is something that most piano students don’t really learn about. It’s sad because that is what music is made up of. Anyways, getting back to Canon in D.

If you are a beginner, the right hand in Canon in D can seem a little complicated, that is why I include all the letter names of the notes in this sheet music version here and most of the finger placements.

This will make it easier to figure out, because honestly if you took traditional piano lessons, you most likely wouldn’t be playing at this level until about 2-4 years depending upon how much practice time you put in. However, I can get you playing this piece in just a few months of lessons if you learn some foundational tools.

I like how this tutorial shows you different options of how to play on the piano Pachelbel’s Canon in D. If this seems daunting right now to play Canon in D on the piano, there are so many other things you can play and keep Canon in D as a future goal. When you learn to read notes and count correctly you won’t need the cheat sheet of music of Canon in D.

Please consider taking piano lessons from me where I emphasize the correct technique. If you don’t play with the correct technique, you will struggle with playing your music and making it sound pretty. Join the notablepianolessons membership here or learn more about the membership here.

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