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Hi my name is Lohnay Bishoff and my mission is to make sure you get the help you need so you can learn to play the piano.

If you have a question, please feel free to email me at lohnay@notablepianolessons.com

The monthly member calls are currently by appointment.

I would be happy to schedule a time I can meet with you online to give you any feedback you may need. 

Get Started Here:

Click on the piano picture or button below to access the Notable Piano Lessons Available Courses and Main Menu. I would recommend starting with Level 1A.  

Modules 1A, 1B and 2A are the foundational note reading and theory modules that will actually teach you how to read music, etc. If you learn these well, you will learn how to play the piano correctly–not just copy an online video.   

Also if you follow the technique I recommend, you will most likely be able to play for hours without getting stiffness in different areas of the body. You will also learn how to produce a beautiful tone at the piano.   

All the other  courses are supplementary  for your learning enjoyment!   

I will prompt you when I feel like one of the supplementary modules is in line with where you are at in the learning modules.

However, feel free to explore and try things that are above your progress in the modules. If you get lost, always look for the Available Courses-Main Menu.

If the supplementary material is too hard, please do not judge yourself negatively.  Learning to play the piano takes time, and effort.  One step at a time!  

News and Updates

New in the membership: Module 3 of Level 2A is Completed! A New Version of Fur Elise (Easy Piano) Found in Supplementary Songs!

You can access  both on the Main Menu Page.