Scarborough Fair

(Parts 1-5 Chording Tutorial)

(Parts 6 & 7 Chording and Note Reading)



Scarborough Fair Lead Sheet Music

Scarborough Fair Part 1

Learning chords G, Em, D and A in root position in the right hand 

You can access the other 6 tutorials in this mini course to make you sound amazing by clicking on the button below. Don’t forget you will get all the other tutorials that teach you how to read music and count rhythms from the very beginning sprinkled with Masterclass Technique!

Lohnay Bishoff

Instructor’s Learning Tips

There are 7 chording tutorials for Scarborough Fair.  Yes I know that sounds like a lot.  Start with part 1 for beginners and work your way through the rest if you feel like you are ready.  Each video is a little more challenging when it comes to hand independence, etc.

Video 6 & 7 is where you will be reading notes off a Lead sheet.  Most beginners are not ready for this so the notes have been written in and every thing is broken down for ease in learning.

I hope you have fun with this mesmerizingly beautiful song.

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