LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (1770-1827) was born in Bonn, Germany, When Beethoven’s father realized that his son had musical talent, he forced the young child to practice for hours at the piano. As a four-year-old, little Beethoven stood at the piano and wept as he practiced. He gave his first recital at the age of eight years.
Despite Beethoven’s sad beginning with music, he later came to love it. Eventually, he took organ lessons from a great man, Neefe, who taught him to compose music and who even helped young Beethoven to find publishers for his early works.
Eventually, Beethoven’s mother died, and Beethoven’s father became an alcoholic. Beethoven worked hard to support his brothers and sisters and to take care of his father. One day, Beethoven was allowed to journey to another city to study music composition with Haydn. Regretfully, he later said that Haydn was the WORST possible teacher! He learned nothing from the great composer.
Beethoven’s compositions were gaining wide notice. From the beginning, he wrote with strength and emotion. Soon, his music began to tell emotional “stories” to the listeners, as the large chords built beautifully towards spiritual climaxes. Just as Beethoven began to enjoy his reputation as a great composer, the most tragic of all tragedies occurred to him: he began to lose his hearing!
When Beethoven could no longer ignore his plight, he became depressed and thought of ending his life. His music was the most important thing in his life. Thankfully, the great Beethoven began to pull strength from within and began to live life to the fullest. He once more composed without ever hearing the beautiful results. Some of his greatest symphonies were composed after he was deaf!
Beethoven’s own philosophy was that “all men are brothers.” His belief in this dream is reflected in his music! (This synopsis about Beethoven was taken from Mayron Cole Music Book Level 4. p 165)

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